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Fundraising products are also available for retail purchase and are on sale now for a limited time.

Free shipping available on all items.



About Us

Since 2001 our company has offered only the best value U.S.A. products. We are an original manufacturer or authorized distributor for all products sold. We are a family company guaranteeing each product to be of highest quality and workmanship standards.

Our Products

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  • quality material and workmanship
  • made in the U.S.A.
  • attractive packaging
  • useful and practical items
  • easy to sell & handle by all age groups

  • Our Community Commitment


    Magnetic Moment Co. provides and funds the promotion of child safety awareness, as a courtesy to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, in conjunction with our magnetic photo frame product.

    We also promote the Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind, Inc., in conjunction with our dog treat product.

    Please visit our community links page to learn more about these organizations.


    All information including e-mail address is confidential and never released.

    We welcome the opportunity to serve your fundraiser needs.

    Wishing you the best fundraising success,

    The Staff Of Magnetic Moment Co.

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